you need to live your dreams instead of just dreaming about being alive
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Here We Collide Collective: Do you have any tattoos of something that inspires you?


For this past week’s Collective, we asked you to share with us unexpected things that have spoken to you. We received many inspiring notes (and fortune cookies), so thanks for sharing those with us!

This week’s Collective, we are asking: Do you have any tattoos of something that inspires you? Send us a photo and a description of your ink.

Don’t forget to tag “Here We Collide Collective” in your post and see if we feature it this coming week.

It is going to be hard to describe this tattoo in such little words. This is me and my best friend. aka. savior, sister, soulmate, my other half. I am on the right she is on the left, they are the same exact wording except she has my initials ( JBR) and I have hers (AKL).

The words on the tattoo are:

Live every moment.

Laugh ever day.

Love beyond words. 

I would say holy shit those are some pretty pretty powerful words to live up too, sometimes I think almost too hard to live up to, but I can try and that is all that matters. This tattoo inspires me beyond words, and totally with love. This girl has seen me fall down and stand back up more times than I could count, she has watched me completely destroy myself, and let someone else completely destroy me in an abusive,mental, and sexual way. I DO NOT deserve to have someone so great in my life that has never left me when I needed her the most even if I didn’t deserve it. But that is UNCONDITIONAL love, and I couldn’t be anymore blessed to be able to witness true love daily and have that in my life.  As I continue this journey of transformation I can trust she will be by my side. Just like TWLOHA has helped me so much already and they don’t even know it, So thank you, thank you thank you. And now you know that you guys have totally been saving me. Appreciate it. 

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love these.

love these.

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